Friday, February 11, 2011


I’ve had a few people ask how do I:  homeschool, volunteer on a Board of Directors, serve on various committees, work Part-time on the weekends, write and give presentations, blog (ok, we know I’m not doing this a lot!) keep up my astronomy newsletter for homeschoolers (another love of mine I’ve taken a break from,) occasionally mentor to parents on IEP’s, IDEA, etc., walk my dog, feed my kids, read, write, etc. etc.

I really don’t know how I do it all. My writing suffers more than anything. Some weeks I barely get 300 words written! Some weeks I write 7000 words! And let’s face it-- my grammar suffers on my blog! But hey, I posted something on here!  

I must say, writing this is eye-opening. Who knew I spent so much time on the Internet? Hmmm… I challenge YOU to write your schedule and see where your time goes.

Merry Writing!!

Daily Schedule
8:00-9:00                     WAKE
9:00-10:00                   Prepare for the day; work with children a bit; walk the dog
10:00-11:30                 Free time for the boys
I research, return phone calls, emails… (sighing) get on Facebook
11:30-12:00pm            LUNCH
12:00-4:00                   Strictly School. I rarely get to write during this time.
4:00-9:00                     Dinner, baths, story time, etc. etc. I SOAK up time with my boys!! We manage to cram documentaries, educational TV, educational games and many more fun things during this time too! Always homeschooling!
9:00-1:00ish am           Write, Read, Catch-up on TV shows if I have any and spend time on the Internet. Occasionally I play World of Warcraft.

TIP:  NOT WATCHING TELEVISION frees up more time than people realize!!

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