Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aahh, already I have failed my commitment to blog every day for a year. As it turns out, it's much harder to write on a blog everyday than I imagined. Between schooling, cooking 2-3 meals a day, cleaning, tending to the critters, writing... yeah...

So, here it goes, I'm trying again. (If I blog 4 times a week, I will be satisfied.)

I'm re-reading WRITER'S YEARBOOK 2012. Kristin Nelson wrote an excellent article titled, "Sidestep the Slush Pile." The basis of the article is how to get your manuscript "right" and published. It's an interesting read. She points out where she stops reading, why and gives advice. I will not give away the article, but it is worth the money, if it's still on the magazine rack.

I attended a workshop similar to this. Three agents took two-three pages of your writing, read it aloud, then stopped when they lost interest. They proceeded to say why. It was a learning experience! You learned when was a good time to send a query, when it wasn't, why, etc.  It was an experience that keeps giving!

The article Nelson wrote was similar! And I did not have to join an organization to get it. To boot, I paid $5.99 for the magazine! Score won for the bank account!

Happy Writing!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Indeed... Writing After Dark

It is... wait... 2:00 am. And yes, I am finishing up, writing after dark, while attempting to keep my 365 goal.

12,000 words. Yes, I wrote it! 12,000 words this week! And I must call it quits. For now.

So, I will go to bed reading Sherrilyn Kenyon, with "Shades of Grey" in my cue... "Shades of Grey" - I am obviously jumping the gun... but that's how I roll... I read the first chapter of the book for FREE, but I must admit, Debra Glass, Delilah Hunt, C.L. Wilson,  among others are far better writers. Yes, I know, I read ONE chapter. But the writing was not what I expected. I am used to Rice, King, the above authors. With that said, I will read it. And, as my past has proven, will likely LOVE it and think, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Only time will tell. In a few days, I will tell... :o)

But isn't critiquing someone's book equivalent to saying if their baby is cute or ugly? We think it, but should we say it? They gave birth to it. Most likely took longer. And some may argue, harder work... yet, we do.

Happy Writing

Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Day, A New Beginning!

The Husband has inspired me! He is on a 365 day journey. For a year, he will take a picture and post it on Flickr. In my attempt for a 365 journey, I will post on this blog daily. I will also write 7,000 words a week!

My weekly goal has been met, so I'm aiming for 10K this week!

At the moment, I have a large cat (General) curled up to me, the Shar-Pei snoring, and Bilbo the Bastard (our other cat,) guarding General. If General even attempts to move, Bilbo will lunge. Bilbo got his name by reputation!

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE is my motto when writing. I never know when, in the chaos of the critters, one might land on the keyboard!

So SAVE as you go! And Happy Writing!

The Husbands Flickr account is:  tnolyshooter