Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Day, A New Beginning!

The Husband has inspired me! He is on a 365 day journey. For a year, he will take a picture and post it on Flickr. In my attempt for a 365 journey, I will post on this blog daily. I will also write 7,000 words a week!

My weekly goal has been met, so I'm aiming for 10K this week!

At the moment, I have a large cat (General) curled up to me, the Shar-Pei snoring, and Bilbo the Bastard (our other cat,) guarding General. If General even attempts to move, Bilbo will lunge. Bilbo got his name by reputation!

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE is my motto when writing. I never know when, in the chaos of the critters, one might land on the keyboard!

So SAVE as you go! And Happy Writing!

The Husbands Flickr account is:  tnolyshooter

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