Saturday, April 21, 2012

Indeed... Writing After Dark

It is... wait... 2:00 am. And yes, I am finishing up, writing after dark, while attempting to keep my 365 goal.

12,000 words. Yes, I wrote it! 12,000 words this week! And I must call it quits. For now.

So, I will go to bed reading Sherrilyn Kenyon, with "Shades of Grey" in my cue... "Shades of Grey" - I am obviously jumping the gun... but that's how I roll... I read the first chapter of the book for FREE, but I must admit, Debra Glass, Delilah Hunt, C.L. Wilson,  among others are far better writers. Yes, I know, I read ONE chapter. But the writing was not what I expected. I am used to Rice, King, the above authors. With that said, I will read it. And, as my past has proven, will likely LOVE it and think, WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Only time will tell. In a few days, I will tell... :o)

But isn't critiquing someone's book equivalent to saying if their baby is cute or ugly? We think it, but should we say it? They gave birth to it. Most likely took longer. And some may argue, harder work... yet, we do.

Happy Writing

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